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Budget spent....

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Hello Forum,

I tried the following: >"Dimensions", >"Time of day" and adding a column for >"lost do to budget"....


in order to see how far my budget would get me. 


The column for "...lost due to budget" is empty ("--") for all ads, all add groups and campaigns *not showing any data.


do you have a quick pointer?

a) either on why the column doesnt show any values

b) how else i could see when my budget runs out

c) why am i not able to set up an email notification (budget @80% as i have read somewhere else). maybe not supported in germany?


thanks so much for any input.

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Re: Budget spent....

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Hi floshkit,


I am assuming that you are referring to Lost Impression Share Column here. 


There have been some major changes to Impression Share Reporting where some old columns are phasing out and some new columns are introduced already. That could be one of the reason for empty columns. Refer to this article for more details:


Hope this helps!