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Broad match variation of keywords will effect the performing keyword?

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Can any body help me Will Broad match variations of keywords in ad group will effect the performing keyword? Please clarify me ex:like if my best performing keyword is online chat  room i want to add more keywords variation related to online chat room will it effect(cost) my performing keyword 

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Re: Broad match variation of keywords will effect the performing keywo

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IMO, the more precise you can be with your keywords, the better they can perform. I would not suggest adding more broad match keywords with already broad match keywords. When you find good additional keywords to add into an account, I prefer a more restrictive match type like phrase or exact match.

In your example, if you're using 'online chat room' in a broad match and you're triggering a good amount of quality ad impressions, chances are, there may be some better keywords you could be using in your campaign/ad group.

Do you run search query reports at all? This will tell you which search queries matched your keywords.

Adding in additional keywords should not have any detrimental effects on your performance or cost of any one particular keyword. You may be moving around where the impressions will be triggered but I would guess that would be the point of adding in more precise keywords with more restrictive match types. I call this traffic control. I want to know that when this particular query is entered, the ad I want to show, will be the one that gets the impression.

As your account becomes better structured, with more tightly themed groups of keywords, your ads will also become more relevant and the overall health of the account improves.

These are all positive steps in account optimization.

Hope this helps!

Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Broad match variation of keywords will effect the performing keywo

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In addition to the excellent advice received I would like to add that when you get to creating new keywords from the Search Terms Report, in a more restrictive match type like phrase or exact, you should also bid higher on those "added search terms"


This is because if you bid lower the broad match can still trigger them if it has a higher Ad Rank, and you want a higher CTR on more restrictive keywords because this influences the QS and lowers the price for them.


You can also separate keywords in ad groups and add all keywords from Ad group1 for example as negative keywords for Ad group2.