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Breaking Out Conversions Across Subdomains

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Hi All,


This is an interesting problem that I haven't come across before. 

It seems the same for the 10 others on the team. 


I think the solution is out there & possibly simple, but I don't know enough coding to figure it out myself.


The Situation:

Adwords is sending users.

Users are directed to


1. If they visited a salespersons subdomain previously, they will be redirected there ( 

When they checkout, they go to The conversion page is


2. If they have not visited a salespersons subdomain previously, they will stay on

When they checkout, they go to The conversion page is 

(the same as 1)


The client wants to be able to segment the data in order to collect conversions from both scenarios. Conversions that are referred from via AdWords & conversions from normal via AdWords. 


Is this possible? If not, what configuration would make it possible? 


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Re: Breaking Out Conversions Across Subdomains

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Hi Adam
There are a number of ways to do this.
The easiest way, which would require the fewest changes would be to use Google Analytics. Depending on your GA setup, you may not even need to make any changes.

You could also use separate conversions in AdWords as 10 people doesn't seem like a lot to maintain. You could make this easier by using Google Tag Manager and selectively firing the correct conversion code depending on the referrer. This is how I'd do it.

There's no way currently to segment the conversions by subdomain in AdWords itself. This is really where GA comes in.

Hope that helps.

Re: Breaking Out Conversions Across Subdomains

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Thanks Dave!

We are using Analytics but the only way to split them is by looking at conversions with a Referrer of but then it's hard to look at what came from Adwords & was referred from a subdomain.

There are thousands of subdomains (10 is the number of people on the agency marketing team) & the conversion page is the same whether they came from the subdomain or not.

The client does use GTM, are you saying I could have two AdWords conversion pixels on the one conversion page? One would fire only if the referrer is & one would one fire if it was anything else? That's possible with GTM?

-Carissa Kubitz