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Big Difference between clicks/conversion on Adwords & Analytics

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Hi Everyone,

I am facing this problem for all the new campaigns I am creating on Adwords. Number of clicks varies by a big percentage (60% or more). But there is no problem with old campaigns, data remains almost the same on adowrds/analytics. Though I have contacted Adwrods support 5days ago for this problem but they are still analysing it and have not given any response at all, so I am here to get your help Smiley Happy
PS - Auto tagging is enabled and Coversions are being imported from Analytics.

Re: Big Difference between clicks/conversion on Adwords & **bleep**

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Hi Rohit,

A few questions.

  1. Was AdWords and Analytics linked for both date ranged?
  2. Was auto tagging enabled for both date ranged?
  3. Are you 100% sure that Analytics is installed correctly and on every page and has been for this whole time period?
  4. Is the goal page and the page with conversion tracking on the same?
  5. Has the conversion code been installed correctly?

    Sorry if I am teaching you to suck eggs. I just want to get the most obvious things out of the way first.

Re: Big Difference between clicks/conversion on Adwords & **bl

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Hello Ryan, Thanks for your reply.

Forget the date range, I have selected it just like that. This problem is only with the new campaigns I create. Same landing pages are being used by the many old campaigns and ads and there is no problem.

- Adwords & Analytics were always linked.
- Auto tagging is also enabled all the time
- Code is installed correctly
- I am not using adwords conversion tracking; using Analytics goal tracking instead and I have linked that with adwords conversion tracking.

- Rohit

Re: Big Difference between clicks/conversion on Adwords & **bl

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Hi Rohit,

Sessions in Google Analytics and clicks in Google Adwords are collected separately so you will always see some difference between them; there are a lot of reasons that can cause this problem:

Check it out here:

The same ways the conversion data in Google Analytics and Adwords can also vary:

In Analytics you have “All Goals” selected make sure you have selected the one you have imported in Google Adwords:

Other things that can also cause the difference in conversions:

Hope that helps,