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Bids Are Costing Higher than Top Page Bid

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Here is the data, which is required to suggest

Can you please help me know why it costs me higher than Top page bid.  
FYI: (I have also activated Bid adjustments by location & Time) Increased by 10%


MAX CPC: $10.20

Top Page Bid: $6.80

Cost: $9.90


Avg Pos: 2.4
First Page Bid: $2.10
Quality Score: 5/10
Clicks: 1

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Re: Bids Are Costing Higher than Top Page Bid

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Hello, Neeraj.

Top of page means one of the first three positions. So when you get in position two or one, you'll have to beat one or two advertisers who also need to bid at least (their) top of page bid.

Top does not mean #1 and bidding what the top of page bid indicates does not guarantee #1. It only guarantees that you'll be served in positions #1 - #3 in most auctions.

On the other hand, your QS of 5 is rather low, which is why the system has to compensate for it by bidding as high as possible (but still within the 10.20 * 1.1 for time and location).

Imagine that you bid against someone that has a QS of 8-10 and has an ad rank that would put him in #3. You'll have to pay much more than he's bidding.
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Re: Bids Are Costing Higher than Top Page Bid

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Hi Neeraj D

Top page bid is estimated bid that is good hint from Adwords system saying that you really need to optimize your keyword. And Adwords may charge Cost that would be ess than or equal to Max CPC. Top page bid is not bid strategy but it is only estimated bid which is suggested by Adword system Corresponding Quality Scores for your keywords .

Top of page bid estimates can help guide your bid planning, bidding higher than the top of page bid estimate will not guarantee a top ad position. Ad position will still depend on Quality Score, your CPC bid, your budget and account settings, and user and competing advertiser behavior.

For More info -

Hope this will Help You. Cheers!!