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Bid Simulator is not Available

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Hello Guys, First Post here, think its the right section

I am maintaining an adwords account for a charity under the Google Grants Scheme (Search Network). When I look at keywords for any of my campaigns, I click the little Bid Simulator button, and I get the box:

"The bid simulator is not available for this keyword. If it is a newly added keyword, check back in a few days."


Keywords have been set up weeks ago so not new

Is this restricted because I'm in Google Grants, or can you please help me fix


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Re: Bid Simulator is not Available

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Hi Jason,


As far as my understanding goes, the restriction shouldn't be there just because of Google Grants account. However, there are other scenarios also available following which you might not see the bid simulator for your keywords.


Read this article especially the segment Troubleshooting Bid Simulators and you will get an idea of why it might not be showing:


I would suggest you to try and increase the bidding and then review the stats after 7-10 days to see whether this option is enabled or not.



Re: Bid Simulator is not Available

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Hi Pankaj

Thanks for your help. I'm just thinking: Google Grants lets you have a max CPC of 2$.

I have automatically set all my keywords to this amount. I am nowhere near hitting my daily budget which is very generous. Because I am at the max, maybe the bid simulator doesn-t apply.

I will reduce a few keywords down to $1, and report here what happens

Thanks Again

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Re: Bid Simulator is not Available

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Hi Jason C,

The bid simulator needs a certain amount of history for it to work, a minimum number of impressions. It appears you have not yet reached that minimum.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Bid Simulator is not Available

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Thanks Pete