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Best Conversion Tracking methods?

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I’m a firm believer in Conversion Tracking but who prefers what and why...?


I prefer importing Analytics Goals as they are more flexible, you can track on page events and add monetary values to a conversion.

Tag Manager would be second in line as its still highly customisable (though requires an AdWords Conversion to be created) – but requires adding specialised code to the back end of a site.

Standard AdWords Conversion tracking comes last as it’s the least customisable and new code is required for every goal.


What are your views on this?


PS, I’m hoping that this link will provide some ideas that will sway your opinion in favour of my favourite.

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Re: Best Conversion Tracking methods?

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I think ultimately the best Conversion Tracking method is the one that works best for advertisers' individual business needs. Advertisers who are tracking Conversions such as an eCommerce sale, will find AdWords Conversion Tracking useful, because there is a confirmation page where they can place a code. Advertisers who might count conversions as different on-site High Value Tasks, such as clicks on a button, videos watch, time on page, etc., will probably need to use Google Analytics Event Tracking and then import into Google AdWords.
I also recommend advertisers have an ability to track Conversion independently of AdWords Conversion Tracking and/or Google Analytics (or another web analytics program), such as an order tracker or database tracker for leads. This always comes in handy when there are Tracking discrepancies and potential issues with the code.