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Beginner struggling to sync Adwords to Google Analytics

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I'm struggling to get going with adwords and I can't investigate the results properly as I can't get Google Analytics to read my Adwords account properly.


I have done the following;

  • Created Adword Campaign
  • Auto tagging set on Adwords
  • Linked it to Google Analytics
  • Added the conversion script to the landing page

I'm not sure if I'm missing something but the results doesn't tally.

  • I can see the traffic on my Adword Account, approx 140 clicks
  • On my Analytics account I had a spike on one day showing 30 clicks and the rest is 1 or 0
  • In Analytics the all the Adword settings such as Campaign, keywords etc are showing (not set)
  • When I look at the traffic sources in Analytics its displaying the source as google/cpc


I notice that there is code in analytics that you need to add to every page you want to track and in adwords you also have conversion code that you need to add. I have included the conversion code in the ad landing page but not the analytics code, not sure if I must add them both or just one.


I need to sort this out before I can even try to understand the data I'm getting.


Any help will greatly be appreciated


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Re: Beginner struggling to sync Adwords to Google Analytics

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Hey Antoine,


Welcome to the forum! I'll see if I can help out. I would also post your issue in the Google Analytics Forum, as it sounds like this is where the majority of the issue is.


It sounds like you have linked your AdWords account & Analytics account as well as turned on Auto-Tagging, which is what you need to do. There is also a setting (check box) in Google Analytics that you will want to make to check and turn on. Navigate to the Admin tab (in Analytics) > Tracking Code > under the 'Standard' tab, make sure the 'AdWords Campaign' check box is checked. While still viewing this page, you will need to add the snippet of code that they provide to every page on your site. It sounds like you have not done this yet.


As for conversion/goal tracking, there are a few ways you can tackle this. In order to view conversion data in Analytics, you will need to setup goals here first. You can then import these into AdWords. However, if you setup a goal via the AdWords interface (the code they provide), you won't be able to import these into Analytics. I would suggest reading up on goal tracking in Google Analytics as there are several ways you can set these up. This article will also be helpful, which provides information for linking Analytics & AdWords accounts & conversion data.


To touch on a few more things (after everything is tracking properly):

  • You need to understand that AdWords Clicks & Analytics Visits are not one in the same, so these will vary.
  • Analytics is corrrect when displaying the source as google/cpc (or Cost per Click), which is AdWords traffic, while viewing the All Traffic Sources report. You can add the AdWords campaign name as a 'Secondary Dimension' if you'd like to see this as part of the report.

I hope this helps a bit!





Re: Beginner struggling to sync Adwords to Google Analytics

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Thanks Bluelon for the quick response.


I will follow your steps and see how it goes. I find it very confusing especially with most of the help files and tutorials using the old versions of Adwords & Analytics so it takes a long time to find your way around.

Re: Beginner struggling to sync Adwords to Google Analytics

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Hi Bluelon, I also have the some problems, and i checked all of you said and the steps, and find that all of them are correct, but the problems still not solved. why that? thx.