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Average time spent on website pages

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I haven't started running my AdWords campaign yet so I'm having trouble figuring out what Analytics will actually report.  I know that it will report average time spent on the site/page.  However, will this time spent on page connect back to particular ads, keywords, etc?  For example, if we wanted to know if Ad A led to people spending more time on our website than Ad B did, would Analytics provide that information?


Thank you so much for your help.

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Re: Average time spent on website pages

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You need to choose your GOAL - you can track be Conversion / Time Range / Number of pages


Your goals and AdWords campaigns can be fully sync - Its really up to you :-)





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Re: Average time spent on website pages

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Google Analytics can give you everything that you can possibly need to analyze. As Asaf mentioned, you can set goals to track that metric. Please link your Adwords and Analytics accounts and apply Adwords cost data in GA to be able to get a whole lot of Adwords reports in Analytics. You can also compare this information with visits from other sources, identify keywords that are driving traffic through organic search, see which devices are getting you the best returns etc etc etc!


You can track clicks on your buttons as events or virtual page views, use In-Site Analytics to gauge where on your page people are clicking and make design changes accordingly.


I'm sure theres more stuff I've not covered here! Just make sure that you link the accounts and preferably use auto tagging for your Adwords destination URLs.




Re: Average time spent on website pages

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I found an article that said the following:



If you want to know the stats of time on site, follow these steps

1. Click on Visitors on left menu panel
2. Drop down Visitor Trending
3. Click on Time on site (Time on site graph will plotted)
4. To check hourly report click on Hourly link

If you need to check time on site by traffic sources, steps are here

1. Click on Traffic Sources on left menu panel
2. Click on Direct Traffic (to check spent time by visitor through direct traffic)
3. Click on Referring Sites (to check spent time by visitor through referral sites)
4. Click on Keywords (to check spent time by visitor through Keywords)
5. Click on Search Engines (to check spent time by visitor through Search Engines)
6. Click on AdWords Campaigns (to check spent time by visitor through AdWords Campaigns and keywords)



However, this article was posted in 2007.  Number 6 suggests that we can track time spent by visitor through AdWords, but I was wondering if these steps are still valid/still something I can set up within AdWords or Analytics?


Thanks again for the help!

Re: Getting started with AdWords and Analytics

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ourrelationship - Welcome to our community;

There is no parameter that Analytics cannot track. Moreover, I doubt if many use most of them,..... Smiley Wink

If you set Analytics correctly, and link AdWords and Analytics correctly, I am certain that you can get any data you would like or need.

The issue in question is how familiar are you with Adwords? You were saying (in your question)  that "I haven't started running my AdWords campaign yet"- I am concluding that you are a newbie to AdWords. I would recommend to start with the basics: Learn Adwords, get yourself familiar with it, and only then, "dive" into advanced reporting.




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Re: Average time spent on website pages

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Hi ourrelationship!


There are actually more up to date resources in the new Analytics Help Centre on viewing Time on Site statistics in your Analytics reports. 


Please see the following article:

"Time on Page":


If you wish to view Time on Site for your AdWords ad URLs, the closest metric is the Average Visit Duration. You can view this yourself by:


- Signing into your Analytics account

- Click on the Advertising heading in the left-hand column 

- Click on AdWords

- Click on Campaigns

Look at the column in the table Avg. Visit Duration

As the others have mentioned, this is just one of many amazing things/ metrics that you can use your Google Analytics account to track. It might also be useful to check out the Youtube channel for Google Analytics as there are many introductory videos there such as this one:

"Getting Started with Google Analytics Webinar"


Also, the Analytics Help Centre has a very comprehensive "Getting Started" guide for new Analytics users which you might like to check out Smiley Happy


Happy Analytics-ing!