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Average session duration 0:00 seconds

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Hi Anyone who can help.

I am new to Google Adwords and have recently set up my account. One thing is concerning me about the stats I am reading. I am getting clicks to my site from my ads, however they are all showing an average session duration of 0 seconds. They are bounced sessions I hear you cry!!! But my Bounce Rate is 0%!!! Also in all cases the number of pages viewed is 3 - strange???

I have read various other posts regarding this query, and if my Bounce Rate was 100% then I would agree that visitors are hitting one page and leaving, however the other stats just don't stack up.


Are these then Bot visits??? And if so is there anything I can do to stop these as they are using my budget but not staying on my site.


Any help would be greatfull appreciated. 

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Re: Average session duration 0:00 seconds

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Hi @Simon H,


Welcome to AdWords Community.


The Bounce of 0% makes me think that your tracking setup has problem. This bounce rate in not realistic. I would advise you to use Tag Assistant extension for Google Chrome and verify your implementation. 


Ratan Jha


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Re: Average session duration 0:00 seconds

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Hi Ratan Jha

Thanks for your suggestion. I have used Tag Assistant and the tags are all setup properly.


Re: Average session duration 0:00 seconds

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Hi Garry,

How recently? If you are looking at data for today, it's incomplete. Pick a date range at least 24 hours in the past. It can take that long to import Analytics data.

If you go to Analytics and look at the data for these 3 pages, do you see the same thing? You can filter for AdWords source traffic.

I have never seen any real evidence of bots clicking on ads.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords