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Average position and page number

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I am confused about the real meaning of Average Position.  We have many keywords for which the Status is "Below first page bid" but the Avg. Pos. is apparently good (better than 4).

Adwords help suggests that positions 1-8 are typically first page. If we are below the first page bid estimate why is our Avg. Pos. not 8 or worse ?

N.B. quality score varies across these keywords but is typically between 5/10 and 7/10.

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Re: Average position and page number

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Hi John;

This is a nice question;

"First page bid" is  just an estimate with sometimes (depending on the keyword) a huge margin of error. I would ignore it.

If you want a real figure use historical data from the keyword tool (not the estimates offered by the tool) to get the "first shot" for your bid.

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Re: Average position and page number

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Hi John N,

One thing to consider here is match type. If the keyword is broad match, the UI message is based on exact match. That means the exact match QS is low but other queries that trigger the broad match could have a higher QS. Run a Search Terms report on those keywords. (This applies to phrase match and BMM as well)

Best of Luck!

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