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Auto tagging

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how can i find out whether my account is auto tagged or manual tagged? recently i made  the auto tagging featue on .After that in my conversion result their is some discrepancies,it is showing two cpc result .one capital and one is in small letter ie GOOGLE/CPC=6 and google/cpc=9 what is the reason behind it?can somebody help me?

Re: Auto tagging

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Hi Abm,

You should be able to download your URLs into AdWords editor and see if there are parameters appended to the URL. If they show up in AdWords Editor, they have been manually appended. Since you've enabled auto-tagging, I would suggest removing any manual parameters and allow everything to run through auto-tagging.

If they are auto-tagged, the parameters won't show in your AdWords account but they will be appended when an ad is entered into an auction and you will see the data in Google Analytics.

I believe Google auto-tags everything consistently, so my guess is that you have a few manually added parameters somewhere in your account. It could also be that previous traffic bookmarked the page and are returning. If that's the case, they will continue to show up in your report based upon the tags that were in place when they originally clicked your ad.

Hope this helps!