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Auto-Tagging: UTM Tags not present in the landing page URL

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We've enabled Auto-Tagging on our campaigns, but the UTM tags aren't visible in the final landing page URL that Adwords generates. Shouldn't the UTM tags be present in the URL when Auto-Tagging is enabled? (i.e.


Also, is there a ValueTrack parameter that tracks the exact search phrase the user enters in the search box? E.g. Microsoft Bing Ads has this (they call it {query}).


Thank you very much,


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Re: Auto-Tagging: UTM Tags not present in the landing page URL

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Hey @CarpusMedia,


There could be three issues with the UTM tags disappearing in the final landing page.


  •  1st: 301 Redirects
    • Troubleshoot: Enter your destination URL in your browser and append ?gclid=test at the end. The gclid should remain at the end of the url whenever you load the page....if not, then a possible redirect is stripping the parameters from your landing page.
    • Fix: adjust your destination urls in your ppc ads to directly link to the final destination.
  • 2nd: Tracking Parameter Order
  • 3rd: Conflicting Javascript
    • Troubleshoot: open up your console in your developer tools on your browser and check to see if any errors are prompting.
    • Fix: consult your "web guy/girl" to double check the scripts on the landing page site.

Also here is a list of the ValueTrack parameters that you can use in your tracking template. Unfortunately, you can't track the exact search queries that triggered the keyword but you can pass the {keyword} and {matchtype} parameters dynamically which would display which keyword was triggered and if it was broad, phrase, or exact match.


However, auto-tagging, without any custom parameters, will track the search queries that triggered your keywords in your Analytics. (see screenshot) In Analytics, navigate to: Acquisition < Adwords < Campaigns (select keywords or ad content as your primary dimension, and within the "advertising tab" select search query as your secondary dimension)


Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 9.20.18 AM.png


Hope this info helps!



Auto-Tagging: UTM Tags not present in the landing page URL

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Hello Cameron R,


Wow, I couldn't have asked for a better answer. Thank you very much for the detailed instructions. I will troubleshoot the UTM Tags and report back here when I've gained some feedback.


Aa, got it. I'll use {keyword} and {matchtype} as an alternative.


Thank you again Cameron. Have a great weekend.


Auto-Tagging: UTM Tags not present in the landing page URL

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Glad I could help....but only because I've had all 3 of these errors happen to me in some fashion. Let my mistakes become your success!


Cheers to the weekend Smiley Happy