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Auto Tagging Enabled, Linked Accounts, but not data in GA

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I'm having an issue that seems to be occurring to others, but I've never seen a definitive answer to it.  I have an AdWords account with two campaigns (A & B) and a Google Analytics account.  The AdWords account has autotagging enabled, and the Cost Sources are linked to the three profiles that are in the GA account.  There is one filter less profile in there as well.

The problem is that Campaign A's data is showing up in Google Analytics.  The amount of visits are similar to the amount of clicks from AdWords and I am seeing all the data that you can normally see when autotagging is enabled.  However, Campaign B's data is showing up, but very very little.  The visits are probably less than 10% of what AdWords said it has delivered in the way of clicks.  Again, this is from the same AdWords account that Campaign A is in, so the linking of cost sources and profiles are not the issue, as well as having auto tagging enabled.  The filters aren't an issue either, as I am not seeing anything in the filter less profile, and the destination URL's for both campaigns are pointing to the same page, so the GA code is working in some instances.

The last little bit that might help is that for Campaign B, it is running in both the search and display networks.  Probably 90% of the clicks have been generated in the display network.  It looks as if the clicks that are occurring in the search network are being caught, but the majority of the clicks from the display network aren't being captured at all.  Not even a (not set), it's just not being seen in Google Analytics.

Anyone have this happen to them or know of another way to approach it?  Thanks for any help!

Re: Auto Tagging Enabled, Linked Accounts, but not data in GA

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Few questions 

1. For campaignB check your landing page does it have analytics tag?

2. Does analytics tag has same UA id which you are looking at?

3. Is analytics tag firing properly?

4. check your analytics tag with google tag assistant.

Hope this helps


Regards, Nik
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Re: Auto Tagging Enabled, Linked Accounts, but not data in GA

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Thanks for the response. Quick answer to your questions.


Campaigns B landing page does have the analytics tag.  Campaign A and B are actually using the same landing page, so it's clear that the tag is firing in the case of campaign A when someone lands on it.

I did a little more research and looked in my Analytics account, under Advertising, and narrowed in on Clicks.  The disparity is huge there for the campaigns.  Campaign B has thousands of clicks, but is in the low single digits for Visits.


I know there is supposed to be a little disparity between clicks and visits for a number of reasons, but no upwards of 95% difference.  I actually placed a call to Support today and they weren't able to get to the root of the problem over the phone and they would be getting back to me.  Hopefully soon, I've lost a lot of valuable data.