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Attribution Method Changes Everything - How to Analyze Data

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Hello guys,


I have a campaign where the performance data looks so different depending on the attribution method I use. On the Adwords attribution side 30 day cookie last click, I'm losing money and fast.  On the Google Analytics side within the Adwords tab, I'm also losing money.  The only attribution method that makes my account profitable (extremely profitable) is under this new section in Google Analytics called "Attribution Model."  It's at the very bottom of the left hand menu and it allows you to see a bunch of different attribution models for comparison.  Basically, when I look at the Adwords data, last Adwords click, with a 90 day look back window, my Last Adwords Click Conversion Value is 10 times what I'm spending.  I'm basically spending $1 to make $10.  Pretty nice to see but it's hard for me to fully understand the overall performance of the account.


Is Adwords getting too much credit with that specific attribution model? Can I really say that my PPC campaign is responsible for generating  this tremendous ROI? It's also very hard for me to articulate in words what this data means: "Within this data range, there were X amount of last Adwords clicks that led to a conversion, from a user who first clicked an ad in the last 90 days...etc.etc...


It's hard for me to justify and set a budget with so much conflicting data in paid search.  

Re: Attribution Method Changes Everything - How to Analyze Data

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You are asking a very good question . Let's see if we can discover if adwords is profitable for you or not.



Let's describe the issue a little better. That tool is a "Model Comparison Tool" , so basically what it does is to compare 2 attribution models.


1) How many conversions are you looking at ? Because earlier you wrote about a campaign with 15.000 keywords and I assume you have at least a few hundred conversions in your test campaign. 

2) What models have you selected ? Are you comparing "Last interaction" (which is default) to the "Last adwords click" ?

3) Do you use the default "Primary Dimension: Adwords campaign" ?

4) Did you select "Type of conversion : Adwords "

5) Are you saying that simply by changing the "Lookback Window: " from 1 to 90 days , your CPA column value changes for the "Last adwords click" columns ?

6) Have you selected the data range to also be 90 days not only the lookback window ?


Uploading a print-screen with your attribution configuration might help ( just make sure you delete the $ values to keep your secrets safe.