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Assisted Conversions; First Click v Assisted

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I have an e-commerce enabled account and for my current time period I have results showing:


Primary dimension: Adwords
- 24 Assisted Conversions

- 38 First Click Conversions

- 22 Last Interaction Conversions


Sources > All Traffic
Primary dimension: Source/Medium
google/CPC - 31 Transactions


Trying to get my head around how this data fits together.

Confused about how 1st Click Conversions can be greater than Assisted Conversions?

 - Or is this because (38-24=14) 14 of those 1st Click Conversions are part of the 31 total transactions/conversions ie. they didn't have a later campaign click so are also last interaction conversions? And are not Assisted Conversions?


Where can double counting likely happen?

Thanks for any insight.

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Re: Assisted Conversions; First Click v Assisted

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Here is the deal

24 Assisted Conversions :  a channel appears anywhere -- except as the final interaction

38 First Click Conversions : This is the first interaction on a conversion path.

Now if you check transactions where your 1st click was also google cpc and last click was also cpc. I think It will be 14 so those 14 are not included in assisted conversions. 


Also if you are wondering why last interaction conversions are 22 and google cpc conversions 31 then find out a report where 2nd last visit is from cpc and last visit is direct i think it will be 9. As analytics gives credit to last non direct source.




Regards, Nik
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Re: Assisted Conversions; First Click v Assisted

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Thanks for the help. Good answer!