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Are Click-To-Call and Website Phone Number Conversions compatable?

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We are trying to implement conversion tracking for both:


  • calls coming from the customer website (via the trackable number, as per here)



  • clicks-to-call on the website when it is viewed on mobile devices (as per here).

The phone numbers appear as text links on the customers site, and the site is adaptive (there is no separate mobile site).


For calls coming from the website (and the trackable number being substituted for the phone number) we are using the code:


<body onload="_googWcmGet('number', '1-800-123-4567')">
		  <span class="number">1-800-123-4567</span>


 For tracking click-to-call on mobile version of the site we want to use:


<a onclick="goog_report_conversion('tel:0800-123-4567')" href="#" >CALL NOW</a>


The question is how are these two codes compatible? As our developer has pointed out to me: if a customer clicks on the trackable number, surely the device will still call the number in the href link, as so the website call tracking will surely fail. Conversely, if a click-to-call conversion is successful, then it seems the trackable number has failed?


Does anyone have a solution as to how these can both be implemented?  Maybe we need tag manager to only fire certain codes on certain devices?


Any help much appreciated.



Re: Are Click-To-Call and Website Phone Number Conversions compatable?

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The best way to do what you are trying to do is, buy two tracked static numbers. One for your desktop website and one for your mobile site. Then you can set up a click to call link conversion action on your mobile site using GTM, while also being able to track any none click calls from mobile devices as well.

There are plenty of services that provide numbers, Infinity is one I can recommend as it is easy to integrate with Adwords.

Otherwise, couldn't you create a button instead of simply a text link? Might that solve your problem? That way you can track the button click on mobile devices while still using the dynamic number in both cases?

Re: Are Click-To-Call and Website Phone Number Conversions compatable?

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Thanks for the suggestions. However, there is not a separate mobile site - just one responsive site.

Also the website in question is for a company which is part of a group (and they have many sites with many different telephone numbers). Getting Adwords solution to website call conversions along with click-to-call conversions would be the ideal solution, and this could then be easily scaled out to the other sites.