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Anyone Got A Custom Paid Search Analytics Dashboard Template?

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Hi everyone,


I was going to put together some custom analytics dashboard reports for paid traffic so I can schedule these to go out to clients and have a few ideas.


Template for full ecommerce sites

Template for sites with enquiry forms but no actual transactions (the more important one for me)

Template for sites with no goal or conversion tracking options.


Does anyone have any good templates they already use for any of these types of sites that they would like to share?


I've spent a bit of time going through these this morning but there are so many options and ways to display the data I'm just trying to work out the best way to do it and wanted to see if anyone had any good ideas for me.


Any help is appreciated guys and gals.

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Re: Anyone Got A Custom Paid Search Analytics Dashboard Template?

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Hey @purefuzz,


This has been a project sitting on my lap for awhile.


We have some basic dashboards (bi-weekly overall performance on all basic adwords metrics). We also do custom dashboards for clients. For the most part, these are structured specifically to the clients needs. On the ecommerce side, we will often do ROAS / Net revenue calculations.


I'd love to do some brainstorming on this, as this has been sitting on the plate for far too long.


Some metrics to think about:


1) Overall Sales / Conversions vs. CPA - we generally graph this on a weekly basis for the past 6 weeks.

2) Breakdown of sales/metrics by: device, ad extensions and brand keywords.


The breakdown could be vs. last month as well as vs. last year.

Feel free to add me on Google plus, and we can talk about this a bit more...

Re: Anyone Got A Custom Paid Search Analytics Dashboard Template?

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Perhaps have a look over here :