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Any report which lists keywords that triggered negatives

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Wondering if there is any report that will show search terms that triggered a negative match, thus my ad didn't show.

I want to make sure I haven't added any negatives that I shouldn't have.  


Re: Any report which lists keywords that triggered negatives

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Hi Tommy

There is no such report which will show those search terms which are blocked by negative keywords. I think cross checking your negative keywords list will solve your purpose.


Re: Any report which lists keywords that triggered negatives

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Also to add on to this, The system will inform you via the Bell Notifications if you added a negative term that interferes or Blocks on of the Keyword terms you are Bidding upon and will allow you to delete that negative instantly.

Also running the Diagnostic reports will show you if there are negative conflicts with your keywords.

Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool

It's always good to review your negative keyword list and keep it not only up to date with new additions, but to review when creating new campaigns and ad groups. You can download your list easily via XML, CVS or Txt and sort to see what terms you are blocking.

With negatives, the [Exact match], and "phrase match" rules of [ ] and " " apply, where as the +sign does not. If you want to block a Broad match term simply add that as is.

Adding Negative Keywords

Your ads still might show on searches and pages that contain variations of the terms that you select as negative keywords. Your ads might still show on searches that contain only one of your negative keyword terms if your keyword terms are more than one word. Let's say you add the negative keyword "wine bottle." Your ad might still show for searches and pages that contain "stemless wine glasses," "red wine," or "glass bottle." However, your ad wouldn't show for searches on "red wine bottle" or "wine bottle opener."

Hope that helps

Re: Any report which lists keywords that triggered negatives

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Hay @Tommy D


You can download negative conflict keyword report by doing a keyword diagnosis and filter your results by selecting Excluded option. you will get a list of keywords that are blocked blocked by negative keywords(see attached screen capture)



I hope this is what you are looking For.