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Analytics shows Goal conversions from ended campaigns

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I have two Goals set up in my Analytics account. One of them is "visiting shop now page" and another one is an event tracking of "clicking on Buy Now button". I have imported them as conversion in Adwords too.


My question is when i take the Analytics report of the Adwords campaigns (Analytics>Acquisition>Adwords>Campaigns) of current month i see a lot of goal conversions from campaigns that were ended last month. Is this kind of view through conversions or something else? Any help?

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Re: Analytics shows Goal conversions from ended campaigns

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Attribution time for conversions in GA is a Time of Goal completion and Google Analytics uses a last click attribution model across all channels (excluding direct).

For example, let’s say a user makes a purchase on July 20th, but clicked on the creative three days earlier, on July 17th, in Google Analytics, the conversion is attributed to July 20th, the day the conversion actually occurred.

So, in your case users visited your site via campaigns when they were active, after that you paused campaigns but in GA cookies for these users have been written that last non-direct visit was from these campaigns. And when they came back directly to your site and made conversions GA "watched" their cookies info and counted conversions for those campaigns.