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Analytics report for work

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Hi - I have a task to complete and need some serious advice - as an Analytics newbie I would appreciate some help.


**I'm told by Google there isn't a way to see where dropped / bounced users go to after visiting my site. Trouble is I have to report on this.**


Can someone suggest, with the data available in Adwords and Analytics how I would go about the following.




Company A sells cars (they actually make the cars and sell them direct).


Company B ALSO sells these cars.


So company A make and sell their own cars and also supplies cars to company B, who sell them at a discounted rate.


It appears users are visiting company A for information about the products and general browsing then drop off and go somewhere cheaper to buy the car - most likely company B, or C or D.


How would anyone go about reporting on this?


I need to show that the campaign is healthy and it is simply the price point of the cars at Company A that is deterring sales and causing the drop offs.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, it really would.


Thanks guys!! Smiley Happy

Re: Analytics report for work

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Hi Go D,

You should look into subscribing to comScore or Hitwise - those are data points outside of the realm of AdWords or Analytics. You can get it from comScore or Hitwise but it's been awhile so I can't remember which one (it might be available through both?). I think it's called the "Downstream Traffic Report" or something along those lines, You'll probably pay a pretty penny for the subscription, though, so it might not be worth the cost if that's all you're hoping to obtain. Just my two cents! Smiley Happy

You could also take a look at keyword spy and spyfu as well as auction insights to see who your competitors are. These are much cheaper options. They won't tell you if people left your site and went somewhere else, though.