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Analytics not picking up sales as complete, auto-return issue?

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I have a client who would like to track sales from start to finish using Analytics tracking code. They have been trying to trouble shoot this for awhile on their own, but now it has been handed over to me and I thought it would be best to run it by you guys.


The site is hosted with BigCommerce and the tracking code is installed correctly before the closing 'body' tag.


This is the last correspondence I received about the issue:


I just did a real purchase on a fake product I set up and set it to 50c so it didn't cost me much. 


I purchased with NAB (National Australia Bank) and with PayPal. 


It seems after the NAB purchase, NAB take you to their own success page.


See image attached. I have circled in red at the bottom which has the return to store link.


The actual URL of this is:


I assume if a user doesn't click that URL at the bottom, you won't get any data pushed back to BigCommerce as it hasn't executed the GA code. 


The PayPal return URL is exactly the same being: 


As you can see it's clearly going to the /finishorder.php but the domain name is not Combat Australia as it's using the shared BigCommerce SSL.


If Combat Aus has their own SSL it would be: 


Looking at the source code of the success URL, all the necessary Google Analytics code you have supplied is there. See image attached. I think I have proven this in the past when you mentioned PayPal wasn't pushing sales info back to GA. 


So my conclusion is that all payments via the store end up on the /finishorder.php page with all the necessary GA code present in the code. I doubt the shared SSL domain affect anything from your end, but it may. 


Overall, BigCommerce seems to working perfectly fine and any issue with sales conversion data not being pushed back is most probably from the GA code supplied or other aspects of GA.


I've attached the screenshots to this email.


Could you take a look and tell me what you think I need to do to fix this problem?


Let me know if you need any other info from me. 






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Re: Analytics not picking up sales as complete, auto-return issue?

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Hi Rich,

Yes, this would be an auto-redirect issue, back to the original site.

Just to make sure I fully understand the situation (and correct me if I'm wrong). Customers start at, and when they check out they are given the option for either PayPal or NAB. Purchases are going through and recording in BigCommerce, but not in Google Analytics - is that the main issue?

Google Analytics is code on your website ( and if they never return to the website (via that link "Return to Combat Australia", then there is no way for Analytics to know that the purchase was made at all. You'll need to have the payment gateways auto-redirect back to your site.

To add to this, once you have the auto redirect, you'll want to add these payment sites as Referral exclusions in the Analytics property to ensure that the original source of the click is attributed to the sale (link: ).

I hope this helps,
Let me know if we need to solve anything else!


Re: Analytics not picking up sales as complete, auto-return issue?

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Thanks Kathleen!

I'll contact Big Commerce and see if I can get this implemented...

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