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Analytics do not track adwords clicks

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About 4 months ago my linked account of Adwords-Analytics was working properly. But since then, Traffic Source > Adwords shows 0 visitor. (I get about 150 clicks everyday from Adwords).


I waited all this time to see if was a temporary problem, but it's not.


Yesterday I deleted the Analytics profile (and lost tons of data =[ ) and linked the Adwords and Analytics again, following 30 differents guides (including the one made by Google itself) and nothing. I get site traffic ok, just can't the adwords report. It's empty (And I'm getting clicks from adwords).


This is very frustating, really. I really need this data to make some statistic regressions.


I called my Google Awords Acc Manager, and he doesn't know what the problem is.  Then I'm trying this international forum to see if anyone has this same issue, and, hopefully, a way to fix it.


On my website I have the Analytics and Remarketing tracking code. And some conversions code on some pages.


Thanks for any insight!



PS: Yes, URL autotag is enable.


PS2: Sorry for my english.


Re: Analytics do not track adwords clicks

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I'm having the same problem. I also followed Google's guide. It's really frustrating! I hope someone gets back to you- it will help me too!