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Analytics Tracking Time Schedule

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Hi There,

I would like to know whether Google Analytics tracks web traffic only according to US time zone?
I want to know this because, an Adwords account which run by me follows the Indian time zone. 
Hence, every time I check the Adwords conversions in Google Analytics, the results do not match with each other.
In this regard I would like to know whether the results are by default shown in this way; 
or, is there some issue with my Analytics account settings?  
What to do with it? Please Help... 
Thanks & Regards,
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Re: Analytics Tracking Time Schedule

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You can change your Google anayltics time zone and match it with adwords if they are different, Go through the next URL to know how to check your Analytics time zone and how to change it:

Also you shoud know that sometimes there's data discrepancy between Google anayltics and Google adwords regardless the time zone, check the next URL to know the reasons why the data between adwords and analytic can differ:

Re: Analytics Tracking Time Schedule

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Hi Sarmita,


Just a small addition to what has been said above, Analytics is fast in providing the data as compared to AdWords due to reporting freshness delay which is long for AdWords than that of Analytics.


Otherwise also, data discrepancies could arise between Analytics and AdWords because both are different products and use different methodologies (especially the cookies) in presenting data to the users.


You can compare the AdWords and Analytics conversion metrics using this reference:


My 2 cents!