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Analytics Revenue vs Adwords Revenue - Conversion Attribution Question

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I'm trying to get a better understanding of revenue reported in Adwords when using Analytics imported transactions from ecommerce tracking as a conversion.


Analytics revenue from ecommerce tracking, under the Paid or Campaigns tab in Analytics is last click (or direct re-attributed to the prior channel), correct?


Am I correct in thinking if you use the linked method to pull in conversions, that Adwords should still be reporting based on a cookie period and any Ad click counting as a conversion in Adwords?


If the above is true. I would have thought Adwords revenue should be significantly higher than that reported by ecommerce tracking? As it would include all last click + all the other assisted conversions.


This isn['t the case in the accounts I'm looking at however, Adwords value from this conversion is showing a value at slightly lower than the Analytics value. 


Does that sound normal?

Re: Analytics Revenue vs Adwords Revenue - Conversion Attribution Ques

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Hi Dom,


If I'm not mistaken then what you're saying is true, and AdWords revenue should be higher than what's by default reported in Analytics, because of the different attribution models used.


Is it possible that your conversion action in AdWords (Tools -> Conversions -> Click on conversion action -> settings) is set to count "unique conversion" and not "all conversions"? That could explain a higher reported value in analytics.