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Analytics Conversion in Adwords

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Hi Guys, I have an account that has 2 Conversions - One i set up in Adwords with the Customers Thank You URL, the other says Source is Analytics - I can't find this on Analytics anywhere, it's not in the Goals Section, has anyone any idea where i could find this?


The issue is the numbers are different & Adwords has took both at added them together making the account look better than it actually is. The client noticed this before i did & to make matters worse, they also added in another conversion tracking URL. I don't know which one i should use as the figures are different in Analytics also.

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Re: Analytics Conversion in Adwords

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Hi Christopher,

This is a bit confusing at the moment.

Do you have any goals currently in GA? If it's being imported into AdWords, you should be able to locate it in GA. The numbers in AdWords and GA are not likely to match up due to the different attribution methods used but again, it's tough to tell without data.

Are both of your AdWords conversions reporting actual conversions at this point?

I've done my share of tracking troubleshooting but from afar - it's very difficult.

I would first get on the same page with your client about what exactly you want to track and start by making sure you've got that covered. Then you can try to eliminate everything else form your adwords account. It's one possible way to get this straight...

Wish I could offer more here but like I mentioned's really tough from afar.

You may want to consider contacting support as they likely can access these accounts directly.

Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Analytics Conversion in Adwords

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Hi Christopher F,


I agree with Tommy's great explanation, especially on how you can keep your conversion set up straight forward. I would only add one thing to it -


The possibility is that you have ecommerce tracking enabled in GA. I think the Conversion that you see in AdWords as GA conversion is coming from ecommerce feature in GA. It must be showing 'Analytics' as the source and purchase/sales as the category. If it is the case, you can remove it from AdWords, otherwise the same conversion would be counted twice.  


Such a GA conversion would not show up as goal in GA, it's comes from ecommerce tracking. 


I was once in similar situation with one of my client's accounts and I preferred AdWords conversion to GA. Why? Because of attribution differences in GA and AdWords. However, it is entirely up to you, you can choose either one, but do not go with both. 


Hope I could be helpful. 


Ratan Jha

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Re: Analytics Conversion in Adwords

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If you're tracking the same conversion with both GA and AdWords conversion tracking by mistake, you should still be able to get reporting segmented by conversion type. Just use the "Segment" button and chose conversion > conversion name