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Adwords vs. Organic conversions

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In case someone has visited our website the first time through PPC but that person submitted the form when they came to our website for the second time through organic, is the conversion is counted as PPC or organic?


My guess is that it’s PPC if cache has not been cleared, and it’s organic if cache has been cleared. Can someone please help me with in clearing this confusion? 

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Re: Adwords vs. Organic conversions

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Hello Sudarshana, 


Welcome to adwords community, 

you can track it, with the help Google analytics. 

Suppose you receive inquiry then you can track it what's medium of this conversion, its ppc, organic referral or none. 

come to your question, If some one visited you site first time through ppc, if he fill your inquiry form, then medium would be ppc. and again they cam to your website for second time through organic and fill up form. then medium would be organic. 



Re: Adwords vs. Organic conversions

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Hi Sudarshana,


As per the default analytics attribution model the credit of conversion is given by analytics to the last non-direct traffic source.


So if a user visits your website for the first time through PPC and later converts coming through organic, then the credit will go to organic as it is the last non-direct traffic source.



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Re: Adwords vs. Organic conversions

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I will try to sort things out a little bit, because it seems there are two questions you're asking, and there are also two ways of attributing conversions.


If the organic visit is 30 days or less after the PPC visit (with the cookie still present)

  • AdWords registers it as an AdWords conversion, on the day of the last ad click
  • Analytics registers it as an Organic conversion in its "regular" interface, on the day the conversion occurs, and an assisted conversion for PPC in the multi-channel funnels section (visitor type = "returning")


If the organic visit is 30 days or less after the PPC visit (with the cookie deleted)

  • AdWords loses the conversion (cannot link it to the initial cookie)
  • Analytics registers an organic conversion, (visitor type is "new"), on the day it happens


If the organic visit happens between 31 days and 6 months after the PPC visit

  • AdWords "loses" this conversion (cookie duration is 30 days)
  • Analytics registers it as an organic conversion, on the day the conversion occurs (visitor type is "returning" if the cookie is still there, "new" if the cookie is deleted)

Another interesting situation is when the second visit is not organic, but "direct", happening between 30 days and 6 months after the Adwords last visit (ad click registered by Analytics), with the cookie still present.


In this case you will see no conversion in AdWords, but a PPC conversion in Analytics, on the day it happens, even if the campaign / ad group / ad that generated the first click were paused long ago.


That is because there are several fundamental differences between AdWords and Analytics, in terms of attribution and cookie duration:

  • The AdWords cookie duration is 30 days, and any conversion happening within 30 days from the last ad click is credited to AdWords (by AdWords), on the day of the last ad click, not the day when it happens
  • The Analytics cookie duration (by default) is 6 months, and any conversion, except those from direct traffic, is credited to the last source, on the day it happens

Hope it helps.


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Re: Adwords vs. Organic conversions

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Hi Calin,

Thank you for the comprehensive information about the different attribution models between AdWords and Analytics. Here I have two questions:

1) If people click AdWords ad and return within 30 days with cookie still present and converted, will adWords attribute the conversion to the click regardless of the channel (organic, email, or referral, etc.) the visitor return through?

2).Since Google Analytics adopts the Last Non-Direct Click model by default, does that mean that any conversions contributed by new visitors who typed the url directly and converted will NOT be recorded by GA?