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Adwords shows higher Sitelinks stats then Analytics

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Good morning :-)


I checked the stats for 4 Sitelinks I put up in Adwords. Each link has a unique parameter (TDSL01 to TDSL04)


Adwords shows me 1497 clicks this month

Analytics shows me 145 pageviews (129 Unique pageviews) this month.


My question: How come there is such a big difference? Is there a chance sitelinks take over the original ad groups parameters in the ads? 


Thank you,

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September 2015

Re: Adwords shows higher Sitelinks stats then Analytics

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Good morning again,


I managed to figure out my issue.


I forgot to select Click Type (under Segment). Click Type showed me the actual number of Clicks on the Sitelinks and the Headline) The number of Sitelink clicks was indeed close to the number I found in Analytics ;-)


Problem solved, enjoy your day!