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Adwords says 4 click but Analytics said NO visit from google at all ?

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      I have started my account 3 days ago. Today my account showing 4 clicks (hypothetically) but my analytics account isn't showing anything from google. Now my questions are.....


     1. If I consider that analytics are not authentic measure of Adwords then How can we track the record?


     2. Ok I got that If someone clicks and they got away from my site before the analytics load it up, then how can it be a authentic click? That can be done by any Google employee also? Where is the authenticity of that click?


     Loosing trust on the biggest and the most trusted brand ...... requesting help.




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Re: Adwords says 4 click but Analytics said NO visit from google at al

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It can take 24 hours to see data in Google Analytics. Maybe you are to fast with looking for these visits in Analytics?

Do mind that if one person does click 4 times an ad in a relative short time, it could be counted as one visit in Analytics.


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Re: Adwords says 4 click but Analytics said NO visit from google at al

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Also insure that you have Adwords and Analytics linked for better cross reporting.


Apart from reporting delays. Here is a common list of issues to investigate when clicks show in Adwords but not in Analytics.

1. Ad destination is incorrect.

2. Auto-Tagging causing an error on your page preventing analytics from triggering.

3. Redirects . the landing url redirects to another page but does not pass the gclid parameter with it. These can appear as if referrals from your own site, rather than Adwords.