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Adwords revenue in analytics: first, last and all interactions

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I have a question about the metric "Revenue" you can find when you build a report with google Analytics.


My client run an Adwords campaign. I track the transactions with google analytics and have many dashboard in GA to follow the performance of all the acquisition funnels.


For Adwords, I use a widget to follow the revenue. I create a widget with the value "Revenue" for only the source/support which contains "CPC". 


To take a fictionnal example, let's say it is 10k$ for september. OK.


Now, I am going to the "Attribution" in the "Conversions" tab to have a look precisely to the conversions. What I saw is for Adwords :

  • Last interaction : 8k$
  • First interaction : 13k$

Now I am going to "Conversions" >> "Multifunnels" >> "Indirects conversions" and see:

  • Commercial links : indirects : 10k$
  • Commercial links : direct (= last interaction) : 8k$

I understand the last interaction and the indirect conversion. What I can say is that, globally, the Adwords campaigns earns 10k$ indirect + 8k$ last interaction = 18k$ on the month.


I also understand that there is a revenue of 13k$ with the first interaction.


But how is calculated the 10k$ I found in my widget with the revenue ???


I didn't success to figure out. Thanks for your help Smiley Happy



Re: Adwords revenue in analytics: first, last and all interactions

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To add more information, the difference in revenue is also visible in these data:

  • I create a donut widget to see the breakdown between all source/support acquisition way. In this case, the % of the Adwords campaigns is 21.2%
  • but if I go in the "Conversions" >> "Multi funnels" >> "Resume" I have Adwords campaigns count for 30,1%

I understand how is calculated the 30,1% but not the 21,2%.



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Re: Adwords revenue in analytics: first, last and all interactions

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I reply to myself after someone told me the explanation.

In analytics, there is two ways to calculate the conversions:

  • last interaction if you are in the datatable
  • last interaction + "before last" interaction if the last interaction was "direct access"

In the widget of the revenue (for example, it will be the same for the metric "Transactions"), the revenue displayed is the second one.