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Adwords reports lots of conversions but in reality I have none

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I need lots of help. Adwords reports that my campaigns have substantial conversions (this should be leads, right? Someone clicks on my ad, goes to the landing page and submits their information). No! For example, for one of the keywords, there are 57 clicks on the ad and supposedly 39 of these people filled the form on the landing page. However, I do not have a single lead since I started the campaigns mid last month (March).

On calling Google, they attributed this to a slow landing page. Meaning, there is a high abandonment rate.

Question is, if the people who click on my ad do not end up on my landing page, where is Adwords getting these figures from? FYI, I am not using Tag Manager.


I can provide the landing page URL and screenshots of the campaigns, if need be.




Adwords reports lots of conversions but in reality I have none

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Hi Jackline, 


Sounds like you have issues with your conversion tracking set up. 


Are you using conversions set up in Adwords or imported from Google Analytics? If you are not sure go to your conversions, by going to tools > conversions.


If you can share a screenshot of the conversions and let me know how you set them up I can tell you how to fix the issue Smiley Happy


Kind Regards

Abbie Roberts