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Adwords oddness!

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We run and adwords campaign and spend around £6000 per month.

Pre March 08th 2013 - we were average position 1.5 and cost per conversion (a lead) was about £6.50

Post March 12th 2013 - we are average position 2.7 and cost per conversion is £12.0

Mid April 2013 - we get an agency in to help us and the impression are now way up and clicks are up but conversions still low in number and percentage and high in cost

Currently we are getting more clicks on our ads and paying less per click, but still receiving fewer conversions than at the start of the year.

Suggested hypotheses:

  1. Our competitors decided to get serious about increasing their bids on google adwords - unlikely as we are in a really niche market and maybe only one competitor could do this and they have not
  2. I called google and they said that on March 8th they stopped something called "Polygon Advertising" something to do with being able to draw a map to stipulate where your leads come from. However, i am sure we never did this and the campaign to which it applied was paused. However we only had one campaign and that had never been paused. so i dont quite believe this one. What happened on March 12th approx 2013 to google adwords.
  3. Google also said to increase our bids, so that we increased our position. However, we are not suffering from lack of clicks, we have more than ever, they are just not converting.
  4. Maybe our self run campaign (pre march 2013) had siphoned out all the poor converting keywords and we were just bidding on the "good stuff"
  5. Around early March we moved our website onto a server which sits in our office rather than a hosted server. Is it possible that people are clicking the ad, so we get charged and then either the website takes and age to load or does not load at all, so people dont get to see our ad. Not sure of this as our bounce rate has remained similar the whole way through.


Nothing really seems to make sense, so any help anyone has would be appreciated


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Re: Adwords oddness!

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Hi Bob, welcome to the Community.  For a start, I'd ask if you have a full-time AdWords manager,  At £6k per month, you should have.


I'd then say that the answer here is obvious isn't it?  You've said that it all changed in early March and then say, at point 5, that in "early March" you moved your site from a hosted server to something running in an office somewhere.  Although there could be other explanations that's where I'd start.  Hosting a website locally is a really specialist task and not something I'd recommend to anyone without a full-time web engineer on board.  If you moved from a host to a local solution in early March and your conversions went down the pan in early March I'd say there's a good chance there's an obvious culprit.  What was the reason behind the move?


What does Analytics say for time on site, bounce rate, etc.?  Have you imported these stats into AdWords?  How has your overall ROI changed?  What about calls, emails?


What other changes happened around early March?  With an Account of this size I'd expect small changes every day- what does Change History show for late Feb, early March?



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Re: Adwords oddness!

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Thanks for your thoughts. I have delved some more and the whole site has been hosted with 1 and 1 continuously since August last year, but once part of it is hosted locally according to our computer guys. We managed it ourselves with the monthly chats form google, then i thought it was getting expensive with no increase in results, so we got an agency in and they have improved the number of clicks for the same money, but the proportion converting is half as good as it was. Analytics still has our bounce rate at about 50% and this has been the same the whole way through.
Deeply odd scenario and any thoughts greatly welcomed