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Adwords infringement

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I have a business named Dr. Park Ave. My competitor on the same street has bought the words "Doctor Park Ave" and has people clicking onto his site. 


As you can see, the second paid ad listed is NOT my website, yet it says Dr. Park Avenue. That is my competitors website. My website is the next one listed,


How do I have this removed? That is an unfair tactic and misleading.

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Re: Adwords infringement

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Hi there;

A few points to note here:

Your competitor is binding on your name. He did not "buy" this word. You can also bid on your name

Unless your name is a registered trade name, nothing much to do about this practice This is a legit strategy among online advertisers (i.e. Bidding on a competitor's name)
Further, in the USA Google allows to use a competitor's name in the ad-text.
What I can suggest  is that you start your own AdWords  campaign  promoting the "real Dr. Park Ave"....



Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Adwords infringement

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Thank you for a prompt response.

Yes, this is a registered Trademark by my company.

I do have an adwords campaign. Is it as simple as bidding on these same
words? How would that assure that my link would come up and not his?

Thanks for your help.

Re: Adwords infringement

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Hi Dr. P,

Moshe TLV has a valid point on competitors using your keywords. This is not against the rules and is an often-used strategy by advertisers. Therefore, to answer your second question, ensuring that your link would come up and not your competitor's would not be possible 100%. Even if you outbid your competitor and end up in the first position, they can still end up in the second. The use of trademarked terms is referenced here, if you'd like more information:

In terms of the text in the Ad, you may be able to restrict your competitor's use of your trademark, by filling out this form:

However, please keep in mind that even if your trademark is considered valid and your competitor is prevented from using it in ad text, they may still find a workaround, like "Dr. on Park Avenue" for example.

Lastly, I would second Moshe TLV's suggestion of finding more creative ways of differentiating yourself, with text like "Real Dr. Park Ave", etc.

Hope this is helpful.