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Adwords conversions much lower than Analytics

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After recently setting up AdWords campaigns for a friends eCommerce business, I have noticed that my AdWords reported conversions are lower than my Analytics transactions (from paid search).


I monitor campaigns very frequently, and recently I have noticed that there are AdWords conversions that aren't reported till a day or two later, but sometimes they are reported right away. The conversions that were reported immediately seem to be reporting correctly as transactions coming through paid search in GA, but the conversions that showed up late are not showing as transactions (eCommerce). 


Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks!






Adwords conversions much lower than Analytics

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Use analytics as that is the best way to see if you are selling products or not. all the conversions from adwords will eventually be shown





Re: Adwords conversions much lower than Analytics

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Hi Zaby,

Thanks for the reply. I have been using analytics and it has been almost 2
weeks and my conversions from AdWords are not showing in Analytics. I have
7 conversions in AdWords the past 7 days and only 3 transactions reporting
in Analytics (from paid search).

The strangest thing is that when I match all transactions from Analytics to
my Shopify store, everything is correct - this leads me to believe that
maybe analytics is tracking these transactions as coming from a different
source because they are not converting immediately. Maybe they are saving
the URL and then direct naving later?

Any thoughts?