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Adwords conversions missing - Shopify sign up page

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I am from a bicycle company. We offer a free bike fitting service, it has to be booked in advance. We're running ads and I want to monitor conversion from search ads (we're not running display).


Customer journey is: land on the bike fitting page > book a fit [this takes to a third party calendar embedded onto the page] > click book button > return thank page on our site. 

The conversion tracking tag is installed on the thank-you page.


1. Tag Assistant can see the conversion tag - hasn't reported errors

2. Tag Assistant noticed the tag appeared twice with same ID. I deleted the second tag which had an error of unverified HTTP

3. Ad Words has verified the tag and is recording conversions.


After 1 week of running ads and seeing 2% CTR and roughly 100 clicks, I check and 0 conversions but we're had 24 bookings. I tested it myself using incognito browser, clicking from the ad and going through to make the booking. I did this 48 hours ago and the conversion isn't reported in ad words.


I am using a Shopify page. The online guides for Shopify & conversion tracking all relate to the customer purchases and basket value, and kinda not relevant as we have this set up and running already.

This is a straight forward sign up rather than purchase/sale. 


Has anyone noticed some issues with Shopify and conversion tags, do I need to make an amend to the tag values. 

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Adwords conversions missing - Shopify sign up page

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First of all, I would suggest looking at this help center doc and do the troubleshooting:


Secondly, are you tracking conversions or bookings from other traffic sources using Google Analytics? If yes, what is the trend at that side? Is analytics tracking anything or not?



Adwords conversions missing - Shopify sign up page

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Thanks Pankaj1782 for super quick reply and doc link.

I ran through the troubleshooting doc. I'd checked most of the items on there and validated the tag. Could locate 


- Secondly, are you tracking conversions or bookings from other traffic sources using Google Analytics?

Yes I am tracking using Analytics to monitor traffic sources onto the landing page - quick summary below. 

50% of clicks - google / organic 

15% of clicks - direct

15% of clicks - cpc / campaign

etc etc


However, the final "thank-you for booking page" (with the ad words conversion tag) the source will always be '' because the users come from the embedded app. 


Do you think by jumping to a third party and back this is affecting it?

Secondly as I have analytics is this affecting? Sounds a bit too simple. 


Sorry, for the questions - this is actually the first time we've run a search campaign for a 'service'.

Our standard customer purchases, basket values, products are all being tracked smoothly in analytics already.