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Adwords conversions discrepancy

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Hello advertisers, I am seeing some strange numbers in some of my accounts that do not add up. Example in the search terms report:


Impressions 1, Clicks 1, Conversions 3 and 

Impressions 4, Clicks 1, Conversions 2


Any idea what is causing this? Thank you in advance.

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Re: Adwords conversions discrepancy

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Hey Raymond, 


it must be setting of your conversion action. If you go to the Tools -> Conversions and click on the conversion action that you have already set up. And there is setting that you want to either count every conversion or only one conversion per click.


I guess you have there the first one. That means that if someone who clicks your ad completes 3 conversion action - purchase, lead etc. then you will see 3 conversions and only one impression and one click like in your case.