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Adwords clicks and Google Analytics sessions not match

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Hi everyone,


Our site has been experiencing clicks and sessions not being match since last September. The difference is huge:most of the time there are several dozens of clicks a day, but only about 10 sessions. I tried almost everything, including Google's this help page and this help page , and yes, I have enabled Auto-tagging in Adwords. There's no sitewide redirects except for redirecting http to https (But I am using https links in my Google Shopping ads feeds). Even analytics itself had detected the issue.

20170118141227.jpgAnalytics said it could be gclid's fault, but the gclid seems to be working fine

One thing I did notice is that according to Google, I should be able to find a request called collect, and I should be able to find the gclid in the dl parameter; however, I found two requests that start with the word "collect", one is called "collect", the other is a 302 request called "collect?t=dc&aip=1&_r=3&v=1&_v=...." (it is a long string that include some details of our site, feel free to find it on our site), and the dl parameter didn't exist on the "collect" request but the 302 request.


So can someone help us to fix this issue?


The site is built with wordpress and woocommerce, the theme is Avada, and we use a plugin DuracellTomi's Google Tag Manager for WordPress to implement Google Tag Manager. Here is the setting in Google tag manager.

20170118140021.jpgUniversal analytics settings in Google Tag Manager




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Adwords clicks and Google Analytics sessions not match

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Let me ping  our programing spoeclists on this ;



Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Adwords clicks and Google Analytics sessions not match

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I went to take a look and see if I could find anything. I opened Chrome, activate the Web Tools/ network tab and got this message:


The page did not load.

Then I used Firefox and the page loaded.

I'm using Chrome here on a older machine, so it's an older version of Chrome (Version 49.0.2623.112 m). That may be why I can't load the page, and could account for some of the difference you're reporting for clicks vs sessions.

That's about all I found.



petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Adwords clicks and Google Analytics sessions not match

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Hi @英杰 张


I did not find what petebardo found. But that's an important thing to look at if it happens very often. This Cipher mismtach error is usually found on cheap SSL certificates.


However, there can be several other reasons for this particular notification in GA. That's the reason it's always not possible to get to the root simply by digging into the front end of the site. 


I did the test with a test glcid and did not find anything worth pointing out here. The GA debugger as well verified that everything is being sent properly. So the problem does not seem to be at the website or in the implementation for me (except for that SSL thing). 


Do you see a lot of Not Set data under Acquisition > Campaigns? If you don't see any, I would say - ignore the warning. There are several reasons why AdWords Clicks won't match the number of sessions. 


However, if you see big numbers for Not Set, there is a problem somewhere.


A few suggestions to consider - 


- If you are using Dynamic Search Ads, check the search term report to find out the actual URLs people are landing to. Do you see any URL that redirects to a different URL on the site? For instance, a URL with http which redirects to https on the site?


If yes, that's the problem. Be informed that DSA campaigns depend on your website's organic index in Google. And if you have recently switched to https, there may be URLs with http still in the index. Make sure you have proper 301 redirects set. The complete correct/migrated URL indexing may take a few weeks, and by then you would see gclid get missing during the redirects from http to https, and thus you would lose tracking. 


- Recheck your Tracking Templates to make sure your ads are pointing to the exact URLs without any (unknown) redirects. 


- Do you have both Manual and Auto Tagging setup at the same time? It creates problems sometimes, use just one. 


- Check all your ads to make sure they are pointing to the right URLs... no unnecessary redirects.


- If you are running Gmail Sponsored Promotion, the number of clicks that you see in the report are not actually clicks to the site but clicks to expand the ad. Do consider it while matching AdWords and Analytics. 


Ratan Jha
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Adwords clicks and Google Analytics sessions not match

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Thank you all, @MosheTLV, @petebardo and @Ratan-Jha , I'll try all of your suggestions one by one, and I will provide the results once finish

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Adwords clicks and Google Analytics sessions not match

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While I am still trying to switch to a more reliable ssl, I think I found the cause of this problem. The plugin Woocommerce Email Verification was for some reason dropping the Adwords gclids, which is why Analytics failed to track Adwords clicks. After deactivating the plugin, Adwords clicks can be tracked by Analytics now.