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Adwords and Goal Funnel Visualization Interpreting

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Hi there,


I have my goal funnel setup for the adwords landing pages



The problem is -


The landing page URL for this goal funnel is /online-dental-software


But the on the left I see - (entrance) and also /medical-software-signup url. How can I interpret these?


These are the urls through which users are coming to the site?


Also the (exit) has (exit) - 66 and different urls like /online-homeopathy-software


So that means users are exiting from these urls?


Since my exiting url is for a different landing page campaign gettings mixed with this current campaign of /online-dental-software


What could go wrong in these urls and reading?


Re: Adwords and Goal Funnel Visualization Interpreting

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"Entrance" means that your "Landing Page" is the first page visited on your website by those visitors.

"Exit" it means it´s the last page visited (they leave)

If you doubt that is so - make sure you have Analytics-code implemented on ALL pages of yoru website