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Adwords and Analytics Discrepancies

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We have a problem with our conversion tracking.


In Adwords for the last 30 days, it's reporting 7 total conversions.


But in analytics it's reporting 17 conversions for the PPC channel (we only use adwords).


I've tested a conversion myself and it did display correctly in adwords.


But based on the conversions we actually have recorded and the data from adwords and analytics, none of which seem to tie up.


Any help / advice would be much appreciated.





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November 2015

Re: Adwords and Analytics Discrepancies

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Hi Dale,

the difference is a result of how AdWords and Analytics attribute converions (one of the reasons) - more on the subject can be found here -

One of the possible causes may be the that the conversion itself has happened long after there was a click on the campaign and yet Analytics preserves that info for as much as six months by default (Campaign lifetime). Another issue may be that the PPC channel also contains all cpc search ad networks if you refer to default channel grouping.

In any case check MCF reports and see if there is Paid search > Direct happening in longer time span.

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Re: Adwords and Analytics Discrepancies

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Since GA is reporting more then AW.
Recheck what are considered GA goals. It take about 24 hours for GA goals to import into AW. Check AW that it is pulling in all the GA goals you want. from AW Tools,. Conversions

Things to look for:

1 In Adwords under tools conversions- are you pulling in all the necessary goals? Are your conversions based on Adwords conversion script or Imported GA Goals? AW scripts don't pull into GA. GA goals do pull into AW.

2) Is the analytics code in the top of the website before the close head tag </head>, if not can be reporting issues on the GA side ( not the solve to your issue but good to make sure set -up is correct)

3) Is conversion a Goal or Ecommerce sale? Are you using Google Tag Manager, or using the GA main code or AW conversion scripts?
You can add a Tag Assistant from Chrome Browser to check how things are firing and see if issues

4) Test the GCLID on your own site via a browser test