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Adwords a Click Farm

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I posted an Adwords ad with the geographic target the USA. I immediate started getting a huge number of clicks from Africa and Asia, to include multiple clicks within seconds of each other from Google itself in India, I'd guess from a 'bot' ! Is Adwords just a click farm?

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November 2016

Re: Adwords a Click Farm

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Hi @Charles N,


Negative, Adwords is not a click farm. You are advised to apply advanced location settings as shown on the snip here:




If you choose the location options (advanced) as displayed above, it will enable more precise geotargeting and you'll likely avoid the unwanted traffic you complained about.




Adwords a Click Farm

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Hi Charles N,


Are you looking at your weblogs to find this data? When you create an ad, a bot does crawl (adsBot) that page and possibly other pages on your site. This is to verify your links and to evaluate the landing page and overall experience on your site. You are not charged for those visits, but they will show up in your weblogs.


Otherwise, I second Lakatos' recommendation.


Best of Luck,




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