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Adwords Failing to Report Conversion Values Accurately

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Hello guys,
Recently, Adwords stopped reporting any values from my conversions. This has been going on since the 11th of this month. I see the default value of $75 in the conv value column which is only supposed to come up when the values cannot be pulled from the site.

I have tried to troubleshoot and fix this issue, but have been unable to

In my most recent attempt, I was able to use the adwords tag assistant to capture the conversion value tag on the thank you page after making a test booking (screen shot attached) and have now run out of ideas on what to do next.


Please any help offered will be greatly appreciated.

(PLease note that Google Analytics reports the correct values but it is not practical going back and forth to create reports or make performance based decisions.)

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Re: Adwords Failing to Report Conversion Values Accurately

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Hi @Osa A are you getting the correct number of conversions, even if their value is incorrect?  Either way, the first thing I'd check is that the conversion Id matches the one you expect, make sure you're not looking at a conversion that's not active on your site, and/or that you haven't got multiple tags on the site.


The code sample certainly looks OK, there's a value in there that's been identified.  If this started happening on a particular date, I'd also look at anything that changed on that date, on the site, in AdWords, anything.


If you've got accurate data coming into Analytics, it can sometimes be easier simply to import the Analytics conversion rather than having two separate conversion tracks.  The only real downside is that there's a delay in reporting Analytics conversions, but as long as you look at data from more than 2 days in the past, it's not a big problem.



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Adwords Failing to Report Conversion Values Accurately

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Thanks for the feedback @Jon_Gritton!

I did confirm that the converion_ID matched with the conversion action in adwords. It also shows up as "Recording Conversions" under the Tracking Status.


There is on one adword tag on the page. A Google Analytics tag is also on there as well. Could that be an issue?


Also, could you help me out with the funtions of the other labels in the tag? (conversion_label, conversion_color, conversion_type and remarketing_only) I haven't been able to find information about what each one of them does.

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Adwords Failing to Report Conversion Values Accurately

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Thanks, everyone who offered help. The problem has now been solved. 

Apparently it was the conversion currency that was causing the issue. After taking out "var google_conversion_label = "NGN"" from the conversion tag the conversion values began reporting normally.


This was actually strange because it used to record the conversions with the local currency previously.  But for some reason the "NGN" is no longer supported.