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Adwords Dynamic Call Tracking on a Wordpress site

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Hi - I've been trying to set up Adwords Dynamic Call Tracking on a Wordpress site, but am not that familiar with java script.

If someone experienced with this could check the code and give any recommendations I would appreciate it very much.

So, I am using the thrid option: Example 3: Pass the Google forwarding number to a custom callback function on your mobile site from Google's guide: .

I have input the following into the header.php file before the closing header tag (I've replaced identifying numbers):

<script type="text/javascript">
(function(a,e,c,f,g,b,d){var h={ak:"957923882",cl:"6Xxtz4yAMcWpkgCMFsQ"};a[c]=a[c]||function(){(a[c].q=a[c].q||[]).push(arguments)};a[f]||(a[f]=h.ak);b=e.createElement(g);b.async=1;b.src="//";d=e.getElementsByTagName(g)[0];d.parentNode.insertBefore(b,d);a._goog... Date,e)}})(window,document,"_googWcmImpl","_googWcmAk","script");

<script type="text/javascript">
var callback = function(020 7678 9999, +4420 7678 9999) {
// formatted_number: number to display, in the same format as
//        the number passed to _googWcmGet().
//        (in this case, '020 7678 9999')
// mobile_number: number formatted for use in a clickable link
//        with tel:-URI (in this case, '+4420 7678 9999')
var e = document.getElementById("number_link");
e.href = "tel:" + +4420 7678 9999;
e.innerHTML = ""
e.appendChild(document.createTextNode(020 7678 9999));

Is this code correct?


Next, in the opening body tag I have put the following code:

<body onload="_googWcmGet(callback, '020 7678 9999')">

And where the number appears within the pages/ widgets I have put the following code:

<a href="tel:020 7678 9999" id="number_link">020 7678 9999</a>

Any feedback/ guidance would be much appreciated.


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Re: Adwords Dynamic Call Tracking on a Wordpress site

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When I set it up I used this. Hopefully it helps you.

Specifically part II has the sample code for the site.

Re: Adwords Dynamic Call Tracking on a Wordpress site

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Hi this answer does not help me as my question was regarding Dynamic Call Tracking, but thanks anyway.

Re: Adwords Dynamic Call Tracking on a Wordpress site

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Hi Derek,

Have you found out how to implement the javascript on your website?

I'm trying to work out how to do so as well. It's a great functionality, but the explanation how to implement is a little cryptic.


Re: Adwords Dynamic Call Tracking on a Wordpress site

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