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Adwords Displaying incorrect Cost/converted Click

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Hi All,


I came across a startling inconsistency today and I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the situation.


Adwords is showing incorrect calculations with regards to cost per converted click and cost per conversion. 


A small client has an ad spend of 4000 a month, they reached 3996 in the month of question, with 32 converted clicks and 38 conversions.


Adwords is reporting Cost per converted click of 116 and cost per conversion of 98. These should be 124 and 105 respectively.


Has anyone ever seen this error in calculation? Is there a reason for it?


The period in question is for the month of July, and the numbers are being reported today the 12th of August, so a delay in conversions or refunded clicks seems unlikely (assuming adwords has taken these into account before reporting on them)


Any help or suggestions would be aprreciated

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Re: Adwords Displaying incorrect Cost/converted Click

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Hi Clynton, I've just checked a couple of my Accounts and they seem to be spot on.


Do you have any refunds in Billing for invalid click activity?  Can you determine what you were actually billed for this period?  Are you able to check some other periods - May, for example - to see if the same thing is happening?


I'll continue poking and thinking...



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Re: Adwords Displaying incorrect Cost/converted Click

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Hi Clynton,


Thanks for posting! I came across this before, and unfortunately there isn't too much information about it. 


Not all clicks and their associated click cost are eligible for conversion tracking reporting. As a result dividing the cost column by the conversions column might return different numbers to what you see in the interface.


The most common reason that a click wouldn't be eligible for conversion tracking is if the system is unable to track the cookie (due to the browser or device used e.g. low end mobile devices). These clicks will be removed from the cost/conversion calculation. 


That's all I've got! I hope it helps! 

Re: Adwords Displaying incorrect Cost/converted Click

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Hey Jon,

I looked into that all before posting, also thinking it may be a click refund not reflecting or some such situation.

The account was billed 3996 for the month and this is 12 days after the billing, so i am assuming any refunds would have reflected by now.

I have also never seen such a discrepancy before, which is why I thought to ask here.

Re: Adwords Displaying incorrect Cost/converted Click

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Hi Clynton M,


If you are importing conversion tracking through Google Analytics, there are some possibilities of discrepancies in your reporting. 


AdWords uses first click attribution whereas Analytics uses last click attribution. For example, lets say a person clicked on one of your PPC ads, viewed your products, went to a competing site to compare prices, then came back to make a purchase by typing our website into the search bar. AdWords would attribute the conversion to the time the PPC ad was clicked. Analytics however would attribute it as a direct goal conversion. The answer for your question lies in how you are tracking conversions, I think


To read more about Discrepancies, follow here


To see a clear understanding about metrics on AdWords and Analytics, kindly visit


All the above can help you only if you are importing conversions from Analytics account.



Re: Adwords Displaying incorrect Cost/converted Click

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Hey Rachel,

That sounds most interesting. So let me see if I understand correctly:

In essence, a click can convert and will fire the conversion code, as well as your account will be charged for the click.
if that click is not eligible for conversion tracking (will do some digging to find out all possible reasons) then the cost of that click will not be taken into account when adwords calculates your CPA? Even though your account is still charged for the click.

Is that correct?