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Adwords Data not set in analytics.

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I set up a custom variable for tracking returning customer using this code on client landing page.




Put that code in GA script.


After that adwords data in analytics started showing not set. 


Also earlier auto taggin was off. Client claims he was getting keywords/campaign data before.

Also, both old and universal analytics scripts are being used on the landing page.


Any hints?



Re: Adwords Data not set in analytics.

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Hello Ujjawal M ! Welcome to the AdWords Forum !


First of all , from what I have read and my limited experience, I would advise to change the scope of the CustomVar to 1 instead of 2 at the end of the script. This number says how long it will stay active. For a 1 the scop will be a "Visitor level" staying active for 24 months , but for a 2 it will be a "Visit level" and will persist just for a visit once the visit ends the custom variable will expire.


It will help if you write more about where you placed this code, could you copy-paste a larger part of the script ?


Here is a help page about setting up custom variables

Re: Adwords Data not set in analytics.

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Thanks for answering Adrian!


Actually the problem was that the data profile was not saved, thats why no adwords data in analytics.


Thanks again.