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Adwords Conversion Tracking Code and Returning Visitors

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Hi Guys,

I have a question regarding to my conversion tracking codes. My boss wants me to track conversions which result to sale not a signup etc. Because of the nature of our business, people who come to our website, do not buy things at first step, they normally play around to know the platform and maybe after few days, the do purchase. My question is how Adwords tracks this kind of conversion. I mean, is it able to track conversions occurred after few days? Imagine the process like this:


You see my ad & click on it > You arrive to my website > You return to my website after few days & do purchase (conversion)


It is not a remarketing campaign, it is an ordinary Adwords campaign.

Does AdWords consider above process as a conversion for my Ad or not? Recently my CR is getting too low while CTR and other parameters seem to be normal and I'm afraid that's the reason.

Re: Adwords Conversion Tracking Code and Returning Visitors

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Yes, it also counts as a conversion. Conversions are counted if it happens in the last 30 days but you can extend the conversion window to maximum 90 days if you want.
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Re: Adwords Conversion Tracking Code and Returning Visitors

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Hi Nariman,
To add to Structured PPC's great answer, as long as a person clicked on your Ad, and then came back to your site from the same browser, without clearing their cookies, AdWords will still report this as a Conversion.
In regards to tracking multiple conversions (such as a Sale and a Signup), you can track multiple Conversions in AdWords and label them differently (in your case you could label a signup and a sale and see the metrics reported separately).
About AdWords Conversions -
AdWords Conversion Tracking Setup -

Another thing to consider - as you really deep dive into your conversions and user flow, consider looking at AdWords funnels -

Finally, AdWords also has capability to track conversions across device to help you really get a holistic view of how your Campaigns are doing -