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Adwords Conversion Metric

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I was wondering about the Google Adwords Conversion metric. I understand it used to be called Conversions(Many per click). What we have now is Converted Clicks column and Conversions column. Converted Clicks was called Conversions(One per click).


Ok, basically if converted clicks, it counts the 1 conversion after the click. Any additional clicks after that, not counted.

Conversions on the other hand, after the 1 click, there can be many conversions. I.e: After clicking on the adwords ad, the guy goes to my website's download page(count as 1 conversion), then maybe he then goes to our membership registration page (1 conversion), and lastly he goes to our events registration page (1 conversion). Total= 3 conversions.


My question is, what if he goes to the download page twice, or 3 times. For some reasons, he completes download of the software, and then decides to download again. So, would that be counted as 2 conversions? Or after he registers for himself the membership card, he decides to register for his sister too. Would that be 2 conversions in the Conversions column.


Also, I understand that Cross Device Conversion is now included in All Conversions by default. As long as you've set up conversion tracking, it will be automatically included. All Conversions column is supposed to help you see better and make better decisions because people may first go on their cellphones to browse your website, & then go on to their desktop or laptop to convert by downloading a software or filling in a form.


My 2nd question would be, this column includes people who moved from one device to another to convert. Can I tell which one came first? Would I be able to see how many first went on their cellphones and then converted on desktop? Right now, I'm just seeing like I've got 300 conversions, and then 380 All Conversions. So the other 80 are like from cross-devices. But which device did they convert upon?


Lastly, Google document's explanation on the web says:


“All conversions” also includes any conversion actions that you’ve chosen not to include in your main “Conversions” column.


That seems a little vague. What do you mean "any conversion actions I've chosen not to include?"


Thanks for the help.



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Adwords Conversion Metric

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Hi there,


Regarding the first part of your question - when you first create the AdWords conversion action (or when you edit it), you can choose whether the just one or many conversions are to be counted per visitor. For something like a contact form this should be set to one. Google's default is many, and that isn't applicable very often in my experience.



Adwords Conversion Metric

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Hi, Rob.


Thanks. But just to double confirm with you, are you saying that even if it is set to many per click conversions, like the example I gave, the visitor clicked on my ad once but goes around a few of my conversion pages, or even refreshes 1 of my conversion pages(with conversion tracking code), all these technically should be counted as conversions. However, in real life experience, somehow they don't always get counted, although the many instances should be once I've set it to many per click.



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Adwords Conversion Metric

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If it is set to many, and they repeat the same action like filling in a form and submitting, expect multiple conversions to be recorded.


For refreshed pages, I would like to think that Google has a filter for that, but I don't know.


Except for purchases, set it to one, unless you have a really strong reason for many.