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Advice - "Oh Canada..."

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I have a big account with 100K of monthly spend that is succeeding in the US.  They want to try Canada.  


So far things have been radically different - CTR is way off  - by 80%... the typical areas of pace and volume aren't correlated whatsoever to US numbers.  There is no product pricing disadvantage or shipping cost issues that should inhibit sales


I checked ad preview and while the number of advertisers are fewer, most of the big familiar competitors are there in the typical ad positions, with Ads that are essentially the same (one provider includes Canada in the Display URL.).


I've had a couple of Canadian only clients and there was no "different animal" aspects to them, but I have not tried to leverage essentially a US business into hockey country.  


Seeking insights and advice...  


Perhaps it is Karma eh? - I am a Bruins fan, who hates the Montreal Canadians with the zeal only exceeded by my antipathy for baseball's Yankees.  Smiley LOL

Regards, Doug

Re: Advice - "Oh Canada..."

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Maybe you client isn´t a famous brand in Canada yet, which at least partly could explain low CTR.


Are we talking only CTR for search?


Are you running display ads simultanously? Maybe you should, to build your brand amongst target group. 


"typical areas of pace and volume" . what do you mean by this?


Are you using conversion optimizer or eCPC in US and not in Canada? That could possibly explain some differences


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Re: Advice - "Oh Canada..."

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Same problem here with my Canadian account.... performance is quite poor...


I've been told that Canada gets less ads sereved per query... That Might be one reason.


Another reason might be that you could have loads of broad keywords in your US account generating clicks for mostly brand related queries, (this can happen for example if you brand contains one of the broad keywords you are betting on).


And another one is that some canadians speak english and some speak french ; According to Wikipedia around 7 million Canadians speak french out of 33,000,000 citizens and only 60% speak english. compared with 300+ million US Citizen... 


Hope this helps