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Ads Not Showing

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Hi There,


I was annoyed by ads not showing on certain keywords in a campaign.


The keyword status simply does not highlight this issue. It always show "Eligible" and I have to manually point on the callout of each suspected keywords to verify. It is absolutely time consuming task if you have a long list of keywords across different ad groups.


I'm wondering if there's a way I can be informed whenever this happen. A report or notification??


Thank you,



Re: Ads Not Showing

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I don't think there is such notifications are provided by Adwords.

To resolve this issue, i suggest going for phrase or broad match keywords by including negative keywords (to reduce un-necessary clicks).

Find more information about keyword targeting here:
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Re: Ads Not Showing

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Hello Roman L,


For your problem I use automated rules with the following setup :


1) Going to the Ad Group , selecting keywords, clicking on Automate, selecting "Send Email when"

2) At requirements scroll to status and click on the horizontal triangles to expand all the statuses options to deselect the ones you do not need

3) The trick is to show hidden Status-es after clicking on the blue text " Show diagnosis status"



4. Here is what I think you need to select :





5. The problem is that you need to set 1 rule per hour since automated rules do not have an option to run every hour.

Re: Ads Not Showing

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Hi Adrian,

Big Thank for your suggestion and structured explanation.