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AdWords new visitors data in GA

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According to this article, every AdWords click equals with new visitor in GA?

That does not make sense in my numbers. In AdWords (not in GA) it shows that we have 3645 clicks. So according to previously mentioned article, our new visits via AdWords in GA should be also 3645? But that is not the case. In GA, we have 3642 visits via AdWords. 2047 of them are new visits and 1595 are returning visits. 

I understand that there can be difference between click and visits, and that those two are not the same thing. But I cant understand this part in article''In the case of AdWords auto-tagging, each click generates a unique campaign value (gclid value). Therefore, each click is capable of generating a corresponding visit.''  According to that we should have 3645 new visits via AdWords in GA, shouldn't we? 

Can someone please explain me this! 



Re: AdWords new visitors data in GA

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Hi Riho,

Two things:
(1) It's not expected that visits in Analytics and clicks in AdWords will match. I usually say a discrepancy of 10-20% is normal. There can be a lot of reasons for this. The one I see often is that users may have javascript disabled on their browser. If they do, AdWords can still count a click but Analytics script can't run to count the visit.

(2) Just because a visit resulted from an AdWords click, doesn't mean it will be "new." A click can certainly come from a "new visitor" but it can just as easily come from a returning one. The thing to note with this is that the Analytics cookie lasts for six months. So let's say four months ago, I clicked on your organic listing (that would mean that four months ago I was a "new visitor") but then yesterday I clicked on your ad, I'm counted for yesterday as a "returning visitor" and the cookie duration clock starts over. This is essentially what the article you shared is explaining.

Hope this helps!