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AdWords linked to Analytics and custom utm_campaign using URL options

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The higher levels for a client of mine have decided to dictate a naming convention for campaign that show up in Google Analytics. Which include the AdWords campaigns I run.


The campaigns need to follow a pattern like:


Being a horrible format, and also one that does not match up well with the real campaign structure (e.g. mobile and desktop are the same campaign), I decided to try and solve it with URL options, tracking templates and custom parameters.
On the AdWords side this worked great and enabled me to generate utm_campaign values that matched what they want. This included some variations at the group level (e.g. group1), and variations based on device (e.g. mobile).
The problem I now face is that the Analytics AdWords report is all confused. It reports both the real campaign name and the ones I send. For the real campaign names I see clicks and costs (AdWords data), but few sessions (Analytics data), while the customised campaign names have sessions but no clicks/costs.
Interestingly, the customised campaign names still have the AdWords icon links and they do link back to the correct campaigns.
I'm guessing the issue is that the customised campaigns do not exactly match up with the real campaigns, so the data is not available.
Does this mean my plan is doomed to fail? Is there another way I can get them the campaign names they want without doing a massive rename and restructure of my campaigns?
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July 2016

Re: AdWords linked to Analytics and custom utm_campaign using URL options

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Hi Tony,


One of the observation I could figure out here:-


1. In case you are trying to use Autotagging and manual tagging (both at the same time), this could lead to a conflicting report inside Google Analytics. As per the best practices, you should go with one methodology i.e. either Autotagging or Manual Tagging. Autotagging lets you actually accumulate all Google AdWords data inside Google Analytics interface smoothly.


Find more details in this doc:-


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Re: AdWords linked to Analytics and custom utm_campaign using URL options

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Pankaj, Good points, and another nail in the coffin that I can't get this to fully work :-(